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There are currently Trippis roaming around the earth! In total they have travelled kilometers and visited countries! Here are they now:
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Trippi will travel the world by being passed on from person to person. Curious to see where Trippi is now? Just open the online environment and view it on the travel map.


Trippi will meet a lot of folks on his adventure around the world. Every friend he makes is also instantly a friend of yours. Don't be shy, they don't bite.


All Trippi's friends can share their thoughts, experiences or photos on the Stories page, that is connected to the Trippi. Got something to say? Now you can.

  • Connect a Trippi to your phone

    The first step is connecting Trippi to your phone. To make this as easy as possible, you can choose between scanning the QR code or entering the code manually. Now you can start following Trippi! Trippi will scan your location and travel to where you are currently at. You are now part of the Trippi community, congratulations! The next step is to pass Trippi on to somebody else!

  • See where Trippi has been

    On the Travel Map you can see where Trippi has been and who has connected Trippi before. Wondering which countries Trippi has travelled to? The Travel Map is your answer!

  • Share your thoughts

    In Stories you can share messsages with everyone who has had Trippi before, and read their messages as well. You can also post photos of you and Trippi if you so wish.

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Follow Trippi on his journey online!

Use the special Trippi environment to connect your Trippi. Once it has been connected you can view his Travel Log, Timeline, Friends and much more. In the future an app will be released for iOS and Android devices.

About the Trippi Team

What started off as a school assignment, quickly turned into something more serious. When we saw the potential of Trippi, we decided to found a company and bring Trippi to life! Curious to see how we are now? Follow us on our blog!

Hi! My name is Anniek and I'm the so-called communication girl of Trippi. This makes me responsible for pretty much everything, except for the programming stuff. That's what my friends are for. The great thing about working on Trippi is the diversity, which makes every day amazical!

Hello! I'm Robert! I am the programmer of Trippi. Besides creating the technology, I design all things that need designing, including this website. Being the avid gamer that I am, I always try to insert some gamey elements in Trippi, for as long as Anniek allows it.

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Follow us! Visit our blog!