It’s time for another Trippi update! It’s been a while, but a lot of things have happened in the past few months. The main thing is the official launching of Trippi! Windesheim was our launching customer, which means the first 300 Trippis have been given to employees of the Business, Media and Law department of Windesheim. Many Trippis are already travelling the world, as we speak.

The process to the launching has been a great adventure, finding the right manufacturer, packagings and creating the web application. Everything has fallen into place and there we were, standing on stage in a theatre, telling 300 people about Trippi and handing them out at the end. We have never been more proud! The response was fantastic as well, with everyone complimenting us on Trippi and the fact that we just did it, chasing our dreams.

Also, we have reached several newspapers with the launching, creating a lot of publicity for Trippi. The links to different newspaper publications are below!


De Stentor

De Peperbus

persbericht AD

Hey Trippi fans!

Last monday was the regional finale of the Get in the Ring Startup Competition. We ended up in 2d place! We are very proud of how far we have gotten in the last few months, but are also ready to take it to even higher levels.

Thursday we are participating in the national competition of Get in the Ring, to bring Trippi to a national audience for the first time. We of course hope to win this competition and conquer the Netherlands. We think we might have a shot; thanks to all of your awesome support.

Thank you all for your continuous support, and we’ll be sure to let you know how we did in the competition.

Get in the Ring


Get in the Ring

It’s time for a Trippi update! These are just three of the things we’ve been doing lately. The past month has been quite busy for us, but very exciting as well. Primarily, we are participating in a start-up competition called Get in the Ring. After a few weeks of preparation with masterclasses and pitch training, the first round in Zwolle has already taken place. We are currently in the lead ranking at first place for now! The regional finals in Zwolle will be next Monday, 16 November. Do you want to attend these finals and support us? You can register using this link or send an email to

Beta testing

Additionally, we have started beta testing with a few of our Trippi prototypes. This means the first batch is travelling the earth. These prototypes are connected to a working prototype of the app. In the meantime, we are still developing and updating the prototypes and we will be sending more Trippis into the world soon!

Business class at PEC Zwolle

Last weekend, we were invited to an event regarding plastics and sensors. All of the guests were supporting PEC Zwolle afterwards and we received tickets for this match as well. Business class. During the entire evening, we had a great opportunity to do some networking and to meet a lot of interesting people.

Another update will follow soon, in which we will tell you the results of Get in the Ring!

Trippi update

As we have mentioned before, the idea for Trippi was born during a school project. We started this project with two other students, which made a total of five of us. Besides Guilherme, who we’ve written about earlier, Robin was part of our group as well. She is studying product design, which has given her knowledge of the software programs Solidworks and Adobe Illustrator. These are two important software programs we have used and are still using for the further development of Trippi since that time. Solidworks enabled us to create a 3D version of Trippi, which can be used for the production. Therefore, it was very useful that Robin knew these programs. That way, our ideas of what Trippi should look like, could be converted into operable files.
Though Robin has decided not to continue working for us after the school project, we want to thank her for an awesome collaboration and all the fun we’ve had during the very first phase of Trippi. We wish you all the best with your graduation assignment and everything you are going to do afterwards.
To end this blog post, here is one of our most fabulous pictures from when it was still the five of us.


For the first batch of Trippis, we have chosen to use a 3D printer to produce the prototype Trippis. This makes it easy to print just a few Trippis and test the shape and sizes. Even so, another colour can be chosen for every Trippi. The 3D printer we use belongs to two other starting companies, who are also connected to the iLab. This 3D printer builds the Trippi layer by layer, starting at the bottom and working it’s way tot the top.

3D printing gone wrong

Though the idea of 3D printing Trippis sounded pretty easy, it fails quite often. The Trippis sometimes fall over or move on the subsurface, causing the printer to print layers in the air. Besides that, the amount of different settings that can be adjusted is huge. As you can see in the pictures, printing can fail on every level of the Trippi. Therefore, we have collected a bunch of Trippis that have gone wrong.

P.S.The green one looks complete, but the head has been glued onto the body after it had come off ;).

Trippi 3D printer

Trippi originally started off as an idea during a school project. We did this school project with five people, of which one was a brazilian exchange student. This amazing guy Guilherme took care of developing the prototype of the Android app, together with Robert. We are allowed to call him Guilie by the way, because we got the pronunciation of his name all wrong. Once the school project ended, Guilherme had to start a new project. Nevertheless, he was determined to continue helping us with Trippi. His weekly day off therefore became his Trippi day, when he joined us for a lovely day at school.

Unfortunately, we’ve had to say goodbye to him last week. After a year with us in the Netherlands, it was time to get back to Brazil. Though it is wonderful for him to see his family, girlfriend and friends again, we feel really sad not seeing him every week anymore. He has been an amazing part of Trippi since the beginning, and now he is on the other side of the world.

As soon as we have the money to make a trip to Brazil, we will definitely go visit him. (Ofcourse we will take a Trippi with us) Or maybe he will come to the Netherlands before that. At least we will be seeing each other again.

Guilie, thank you for all your hard work and we will never forget you! Luckily, you have a green Trippi to remember us every day.

Goodbye Guilie

The other day, we had a photo shoot with everyone connected to the iLab. This means we did the photo shoot with a bunch of startups, capturing our products and ourselves as entrepreneurs. It was a great experience for most of us, but unfortunately one of our prototypes did not survive this day.

The photographer had this amazing idea for us to throw our products in the air, after which he could take great pictures. There was only one problem: throwing the Trippis was easy, but catching them was something else. After throwing my Trippi in the air, I completely failed trying to catch it. That’s how this Trippi prototype tragically lost his life, beheaded during a photoshoot. At least now we know the little necks of the Trippis need some improvement. It wasn’t capable of surviving a drop of two meters. What more do you think the Trippis should be able to handle?

Now, let’s all take a minute of silence to remember this Trippi prototype. But hey, look at the picture we got out of it.

death of the trippi

The death of a Trippi prototype

You have probably figured out by now what the main colour of Trippi is. In case you don’t: it’s orange! But this wasn’t the case when we first started working on Trippi. During the first conceptualization process we decided on the colour blue. Luckily, as the concept grew into what is has become today, our experience grew with it. The designs became more beautiful with each iteration.

Today we have decided to give the designs of the app yet another overhaul! Don’t worry, the orange is still here, just not as present as before. To celebrate this change in design, I wanted to show you just how far the designs of the Trippi app has come over the last year.

Trippi concept overview


What do you think of the direction we are going? Is it an improvement over what we had before? Let us know! We’d like to hear from you. We still have a lot of work to do before launch, but we’ll keep you posted on our progress every step of the way.

I’m writing this first blogpost on a hot Friday afternoon in June. If I look to the desk across from me, I see two of my best friends working their butts off and wiping the sweat off their foreheads, argueing over which colour would work better on the new Facebook header. Any other person would have sought the relief of a swimming pool or a cold beer. But not us, because we are working on Trippi.

Trippi is the product of a very creative brainstorm session about 6 months ago. We met through a mutual course we took at our college. The only assignment we were given was to create a digital product. Stubborn as we are, we figured just a digital product was not enough. So we created Trippi, a physical travel companion. We figured there were a lot of social experiences available. From sharing your thoughts and experiences on Facebook to meeting your next love on Tinder.

Trippi is something in between. Trippi is an (awesome) physical figurine that can be connected to your phone. After connecting your Trippi, you can connect, and share your experiences with anyone who has connected to that specific Trippi in the past. After connecting, you sadly have to give Trippi away. Trippi wants to travel. But you can travel with Trippi. The application allows you to travel with Trippi, meet new people and share their experience. See the world through the eyes of the people you meet.

This is how we envision Trippi. In the end, that is all we can do, dedicate all our skills, knowledge and creativity to creating a product. We are developing an experience that can add something new to the world. With Trippi you can experience the world, and the people living in it, from the ease of your smartphone.

Every once in a while we will post a blogpost on this website, documenting our development, our struggles and our achievements. We hope to bring you guys along with our journey and share the love of our Trippi.

ps. We did have that beer in the end ;).