It’s going to be a fun Trip(pi)

I’m writing this first blogpost on a hot Friday afternoon in June. If I look to the desk across from me, I see two of my best friends working their butts off and wiping the sweat off their foreheads, argueing over which colour would work better on the new Facebook header. Any other person would have sought the relief of a swimming pool or a cold beer. But not us, because we are working on Trippi.

Trippi is the product of a very creative brainstorm session about 6 months ago. We met through a mutual course we took at our college. The only assignment we were given was to create a digital product. Stubborn as we are, we figured just a digital product was not enough. So we created Trippi, a physical travel companion. We figured there were a lot of social experiences available. From sharing your thoughts and experiences on Facebook to meeting your next love on Tinder.

Trippi is something in between. Trippi is an (awesome) physical figurine that can be connected to your phone. After connecting your Trippi, you can connect, and share your experiences with anyone who has connected to that specific Trippi in the past. After connecting, you sadly have to give Trippi away. Trippi wants to travel. But you can travel with Trippi. The application allows you to travel with Trippi, meet new people and share their experience. See the world through the eyes of the people you meet.

This is how we envision Trippi. In the end, that is all we can do, dedicate all our skills, knowledge and creativity to creating a product. We are developing an experience that can add something new to the world. With Trippi you can experience the world, and the people living in it, from the ease of your smartphone.

Every once in a while we will post a blogpost on this website, documenting our development, our struggles and our achievements. We hope to bring you guys along with our journey and share the love of our Trippi.

ps. We did have that beer in the end ;).