(Trippi) Orange is the new black!

You have probably figured out by now what the main colour of Trippi is. In case you don’t: it’s orange! But this wasn’t the case when we first started working on Trippi. During the first conceptualization process we decided on the colour blue. Luckily, as the concept grew into what is has become today, our experience grew with it. The designs became more beautiful with each iteration.

Today we have decided to give the designs of the app yet another overhaul! Don’t worry, the orange is still here, just not as present as before. To celebrate this change in design, I wanted to show you just how far the designs of the Trippi app has come over the last year.

Trippi concept overview


What do you think of the direction we are going? Is it an improvement over what we had before? Let us know! We’d like to hear from you. We still have a lot of work to do before launch, but we’ll keep you posted on our progress every step of the way.