The death of a Trippi prototype

The other day, we had a photo shoot with everyone connected to the iLab. This means we did the photo shoot with a bunch of startups, capturing our products and ourselves as entrepreneurs. It was a great experience for most of us, but unfortunately one of our prototypes did not survive this day.

The photographer had this amazing idea for us to throw our products in the air, after which he could take great pictures. There was only one problem: throwing the Trippis was easy, but catching them was something else. After throwing my Trippi in the air, I completely failed trying to catch it. That’s how this Trippi prototype tragically lost his life, beheaded during a photoshoot. At least now we know the little necks of the Trippis need some improvement. It wasn’t capable of surviving a drop of two meters. What more do you think the Trippis should be able to handle?

Now, let’s all take a minute of silence to remember this Trippi prototype. But hey, look at the picture we got out of it.

death of the trippi

The death of a Trippi prototype