Goodbye Guilie

Trippi originally started off as an idea during a school project. We did this school project with five people, of which one was a brazilian exchange student. This amazing guy Guilherme took care of developing the prototype of the Android app, together with Robert. We are allowed to call him Guilie by the way, because we got the pronunciation of his name all wrong. Once the school project ended, Guilherme had to start a new project. Nevertheless, he was determined to continue helping us with Trippi. His weekly day off therefore became his Trippi day, when he joined us for a lovely day at school.

Unfortunately, we’ve had to say goodbye to him last week. After a year with us in the Netherlands, it was time to get back to Brazil. Though it is wonderful for him to see his family, girlfriend and friends again, we feel really sad not seeing him every week anymore. He has been an amazing part of Trippi since the beginning, and now he is on the other side of the world.

As soon as we have the money to make a trip to Brazil, we will definitely go visit him. (Ofcourse we will take a Trippi with us) Or maybe he will come to the Netherlands before that. At least we will be seeing each other again.

Guilie, thank you for all your hard work and we will never forget you! Luckily, you have a green Trippi to remember us every day.

Goodbye Guilie