3D printer trouble, Trippis gone wrong

For the first batch of Trippis, we have chosen to use a 3D printer to produce the prototype Trippis. This makes it easy to print just a few Trippis and test the shape and sizes. Even so, another colour can be chosen for every Trippi. The 3D printer we use belongs to two other starting companies, who are also connected to theĀ iLab. This 3D printer builds the Trippi layer by layer, starting at the bottom and working it’s way tot the top.

3D printing gone wrong

Though the idea of 3D printing Trippis sounded pretty easy, it fails quite often. The Trippis sometimes fall over or move on the subsurface, causing the printer to print layers in the air. Besides that, the amount of different settings that can be adjusted is huge. As you can see in the pictures, printing can fail on every level of the Trippi. Therefore, we have collected a bunch of Trippis that have gone wrong.

P.S.The green one looks complete, but the head has been glued onto the body after it had come off ;).

Trippi 3D printer