Thank you Robin

As we have mentioned before, the idea for Trippi was born during a school project. We started this project with two other students, which made a total of five of us. Besides Guilherme, who we’ve written about earlier, Robin was part of our group as well. She is studying product design, which has given her knowledge of the software programs Solidworks and Adobe Illustrator. These are two important software programs we have used and are still using for the further development of Trippi since that time. Solidworks enabled us to create a 3D version of Trippi, which can be used for the production. Therefore, it was very useful that Robin knew these programs. That way, our ideas of what Trippi should look like, could be converted into operable files.
Though Robin has decided not to continue working for us after the school project, we want to thank her for an awesome collaboration and all the fun we’ve had during the very first phase of Trippi. We wish you all the best with your graduation assignment and everything you are going to do afterwards.
To end this blog post, here is one of our most fabulous pictures from when it was still the five of us.