Trippi update: Get in the Ring, beta testing and Business class at PEC Zwolle

Get in the Ring

It’s time for a Trippi update! These are just three of the things we’ve been doing lately. The past month has been quite busy for us, but very exciting as well. Primarily, we are participating in a start-up competition called Get in the Ring. After a few weeks of preparation with masterclasses and pitch training, the first round in Zwolle has already taken place. We are currently in the lead ranking at first place for now! The regional finals in Zwolle will be next Monday, 16 November. Do you want to attend these finals and support us? You can register using this link or send an email to

Beta testing

Additionally, we have started beta testing with a few of our Trippi prototypes. This means the first batch is travelling the earth. These prototypes are connected to a working prototype of the app. In the meantime, we are still developing and updating the prototypes and we will be sending more Trippis into the world soon!

Business class at PEC Zwolle

Last weekend, we were invited to an event regarding plastics and sensors. All of the guests were supporting PEC Zwolle afterwards and we received tickets for this match as well. Business class. During the entire evening, we had a great opportunity to do some networking and to meet a lot of interesting people.

Another update will follow soon, in which we will tell you the results of Get in the Ring!

Trippi update