We have launched!

It’s time for another Trippi update! It’s been a while, but a lot of things have happened in the past few months. The main thing is the official launching of Trippi! Windesheim was our launching customer, which means the first 300 Trippis have been given to employees of the Business, Media and Law department of Windesheim. Many Trippis are already travelling the world, as we speak.

The process to the launching has been a great adventure, finding the right manufacturer, packagings and creating the web application. Everything has fallen into place and there we were, standing on stage in a theatre, telling 300 people about Trippi and handing them out at the end. We have never been more proud! The response was fantastic as well, with everyone complimenting us on Trippi and the fact that we just did it, chasing our dreams.

Also, we have reached several newspapers with the launching, creating a lot of publicity for Trippi. The links to different newspaper publications are below!


De Stentor

De Peperbus

persbericht AD